hawtio is a lightweight and modular Web console with lots of plugins for managing your Java stuff

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  1. hawtio

    the hawt.io web console helps you manage your JVM stuff and stay cool!

    Java 982 423

  2. hawtio-online

    Hawtio Console on OpenShift

    HTML 10 2

  3. hawtio-kubernetes

    hawtio plugin for working with kubernetes

    TypeScript 24 12

  4. hawtio-integration

    Core integration plugins for Hawtio: Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, Karaf, OSGi, and Spring Boot

    TypeScript 9 13

  5. hawtio-ui

    Hawtio UI widgets for hawtio 2.x see http://ui.hawt.io/

    TypeScript 6 5

  6. hawtio-kube3d

    3D visualization(s) of Kubernetes objects

    JavaScript 22 4

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