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This plugin provides a simple HTML directive for working with jQuery DynaTree widgets from AngularJS

To use the directive, in your $scope create a tree model (e.g. using the Folder class) and assign it to some scope value...

$ = new Folder("cheese");
// populate the folders

$scope.onFooSelected = function (selection) {
  // do something...

Then in your HTML use

<div hawtio-tree="foo"></div>

To invoke a function on your $scope when a node is selected add the onSelect attribute:

<div hawtio-tree="foo" onSelect="onFooSelected"></div>

If you want to hide the root tree node you can add a hideRoot flag:

<div hawtio-tree="foo" hideRoot="true"></div>

You can add support for drag and drop by adding one of the drag and drop functions on your scope and them mentioning its name on the onDragStart, onDragEnter, onDrop,

If you wish to be called back with the root node after population of the tree add the onRoot attribute

<div hawtio-tree="foo" onRoot="onMyRootThingy"></div>

Then add:

 $scope.onMyRootThingy = (rootNode) => {
    // process the rootNode

If you wish to activate/select a number of nodes on startup then use the activateNodes attribute to map to a $scope variable which is an id or a list of IDs to activate on startup.