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Hawtio Spring Boot 2 Example

This sample application shows how to run Hawtio with Spring Boot 2.

How to run

Run with:

mvn spring-boot:run

Hawtio is exposed at the Actuator management port configured using management.server.port in Browse Hawtio via the following URL: http://localhost:10001/actuator/hawtio/index.html

The actual application is running on port 10000 (server.port in

Alternative configurations

Alternative management endpoint base paths

If your preference is to avoid running Hawtio under the /actuator path, you can set the management.endpoints.web.base-path property in


Hawtio will then be available at http://localhost:10001/hawtio/index.html.

Alternative hawtio endpoint paths

You can also customize the endpoint path of the Hawtio actuator endpoint by setting the management.endpoints.web.path-mapping.hawtio property in


Alternative ports & context paths

Alternative ports and context path configurations can be tested by changing the following properties in


Using the above configuration, the server will use port 10000 and the custom context path sample-app. The Actuator management endpoints and Hawtio will also run on port 10000 using the custom management context path management. The URLs for accessing the application and Hawtio are as follows: