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This owes its existence to ashuffle, but is a different take on the same idea. Also it is part of my "lets learn Rust" set of projects, so the code may not be the best...

ashuffler provides an automatic shuffle for mpd. It can be run in two modes:

  1. Randomly queue a number of songs, then quit, by passing the --only flag with the number of songs to queue.

    $ ashuffler --only 10

    will queue 10 songs, and nothing else.

  2. Run in continuous mode. In this mode ashuffler will maintain a constant "buffer" after the currently playing song (by default 1 song, but this can be changed with the --buffer flag).

    $ ashuffler --buffer 5

    will check if there are fewer than 5 songs after the current one, if so it will add random songs until there are 5.


$ cargo install --git