Easy publishing of #each-able items over SFTP.
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Publishable provides a thin layer over SFTP so that a list of items can be published to a remote server.

It contains a Site module and a File module, along with a specification for an ItemInterface if not working with the file system. These can be mixed into classes that expose the correct interface to make them easy to #publish.

See example/publish for a basic implementation.


A Site must implement:

  • #each(&block), that enumerates objects conforming to ItemInterface.

And ItemInterface says you must implement:

  • #contents, that returns the contents to be written;
  • #digest, a hash to determine whether the item has changed;
  • #url, the url that the item lives at.

There is also the File module which has default implementations of ItemInterface for a file on the file system, it requires that the method #path is defined to return the path to the file.

The class that includes Site has a #publish(store, config) method defined on it, where:

  • store is the path to a local cache for digests;
  • config is a hash containing:
    • host, the host to publish to;
    • base, the base path to write to;
    • user, the username to use;
    • pass, the password to use, if omitted you will be prompted.