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@hax0kartik hax0kartik released this May 15, 2017

New in this release:-

  • Various bug fixes (Two criticals:- one related to zip & other related to downloading files over 15 mb)
  • Enhancement of UI

Many thanks to all the people who help me make this project better!

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@hax0kartik hax0kartik released this Apr 22, 2017

Fixed two critical bugs which caused the program to crash when downloading files over 15 mb.

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@hax0kartik hax0kartik released this Apr 7, 2017

Well I guess it's time for a new release. Older versions have been deleted because they were unstable.I tried to rewrite the original multidownload from ground up in c and c++.The new version has the following features:-

  • Nicer UI
  • More stable
  • An included file explorer to change the download location
  • No more debug info
  • Replaced the old long script with a more shorter one which increases stability
  • Gets filename from content-disposition , if it fails it will ask the user to give the downloaded file a filename
  • Replaced the old zip lib with a better one
  • Improved the QR code detection
  • Added a download bar
  • More small features you will note while using the app
  • A new icon and banner by @NinjaBoyLao
    (There is no Mega support in this release)
    Stumbled upon a bug? Found a site which does not work? Open an issue. 👍
    Also Don't forget to leave a like. 😄
    You will need xml along with the 3dsx.
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