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Stadium (.hbs) File Changelog

Mario Carbajal edited this page Aug 1, 2019 · 3 revisions


  • Added StadiumObject.redSpawnPoints and StadiumObject.blueSpoinPoints which let you configure where players will spawn during kickoff and when added to the game.
  • Added StadiumObject.kickOffReset which lets you configure the kickoff reset behaviour to reset all discs instead of just the ball and players.
  • Disc.color can now be set to "transparent".
  • StadiumObject.ballPhysics can now be set to "disc0" which makes the game consider the first disc in the StadiumObject.discs list as the ball. The discs list must not be empty.
  • Added 6 new collision flags: "kick", "score", "c0", "c1", "c2" and "c3". If a disc has "kick" in their cGroup list they will become kickable like the ball. If a disc has "score" in their cGroup list they will score goals when crossing a goal line. "c0", "c1", "c2" and "c3" don't have any special meaning and can be used for any purpose.
  • Added StadiumObject.joints which lets you join discs together with sticks or springs.
  • Added PlayerPhysics.cGroup and PlayerPhysics.radius
  • Added PlayerPhysics.kickback, which is a force applied back to the player when he kicks.
  • Added Disc.gravity and PlayerPhysics.gravity
  • Added StadiumObject.canBeStored, if set to false the stadium can't be stored with the /store command.


  • Added a Background color property.
  • Added a cameraFollow property that now lets you make stadiums where the camera will center on the player and ignore the ball. Probably useful for obstacle courses or racing maps.
  • Added a bias property to segments that lets you make one-way walls with configurable thickness. Useful for making bounds of maps with small and fast moving balls that would usually go through normal thin segments.
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