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A quick, overdue note about the current status of Haxegon:

I started creating Haxegon to provide a beginner friendly and powerful game prototyping library to new programmers, but I haven't had the time needed to put into making that a reality. Haxegon, in it's current state, is basically just a personal framework that I can't really recommend to new programmers, and this is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.

If you're looking for ways to get started programming that have a similar vibe to what I wanted Haxegon to be, then I can recommend looking into the following projects:


LÖVE - A free 2D game engine based on Lua.

openFrameworks - A collection of C++ libraries aimed at visual artists, billed as a "toolkit for creative coding". A major inspiration for Haxegon, and was used in the creation of Super Hexagon.

HaxeFlixel - An excellent, widely used 2D game engine, powered by Haxe!

Godot - A free and open source game engine, rivaling the power of engines like Unity.


Pico8 - An 8-bit fantasy console with an excellent HTML5 exporter. Lua based.

GameMaker - This classic game making tool is still one of the best game making toolkits around. Used for the creation of several high profile indie hits, including Hyper Light Drifter, Hotline Miami and Nuclear Throne.

Original (and out of date) readme for haxegon follows:

Haxegon (version 0.13.0 (2018-09-04))

Haxegon is a tiny haxe programming library aimed at beginners. Haxegon is starting to get pretty stable, so you can expect the API not to change too much more before 1.0!

The current update, 0.13.0, brings support for the latest versions of OpenFL (8.4.1), Lime (7.0.0) and Starling (2.4.1). The documentation focus has been pushed back to 0.14.0 to keep things up to date!

Haxegon compiles natively to HTML5 and Desktop (Win, Mac, Linux, Neko). Flash is also supported as a legacy/development platform. Other platforms (including Mobile and Switch) are possible, and may be coming in future!

Trying it out

Interested in trying it out? First install openfl via instructions here, then you can install Haxegon using haxelib:

haxelib install haxegon

Once the library is installed, use this blank project file to get started:


Documentation is available at, and a growing selection of example projects are available here. You can also extend Haxegon with plugins, available here. More coming soon!

Last Updates

0.13.0 (2018-09-04)

About version 0.13.0

Haxegon hasn't worked with the most recent versions of OpenFL for a couple of months now, so I decided to release this version to get things back up and running. Originally the idea was that this version would focus on documentation, but that's been pushed back. A lot of the changes in this version are advanced features added for OVERWHELM, and for my current project Dicey Dungeons - though there are plenty of other fixes and improvements that will benefit everyone who uses the library!

New features

  • This version brings support for the latest versions of OpenFL (8.4.1), Lime (7.0.0) and Starling (2.4.1).
  • Added Core.enablescreen, which allows you to turn off the Haxegon screen completely. Useful if you just want to use Starling display objects directly!
  • Added Core.imagesmoothing - when true, uses bilinear smoothing when displaying images. false by default.
  • Better, faster Starling Mesh batching. (thanks, @randomnine!)
  • Optimisations to Gfx.drawsubimage(). (thanks, @randomnine!)
  • Added Gfx.drawellipse() and Gfx.fillellipse().
  • Added support for paths with ../ in Data.load functions.
  • Added Core.mobilebrowser(), which returns true if the application is being played in a browser on a mobile device.
  • Added default parameters to Save.loadvalue - e.g. var musicVolume = Save.loadvalue("MusicVolume", .5);. (thanks @increpare!)

Bug fixes/Tweaks

  • Updated Starling to v2.4.1.
  • Fixed a bug where Text.width() wasn't giving reliable values for bitmap fonts.
  • Supress default backspace key behaviour on HTML5. (It usually acts like a "back" button in browsers, which you probably don't want)
  • Added Gfx.unloadimage(). (Unloads an image, freeing up its resources.)
  • Support for higher resolution TTF fonts with Text.setfont().
  • Added Debug.limitdrawcalls for display list debugging.
  • Fixed mouse deltas on touch controls.
  • Fixed Gfx.clearscreen(Col.TRANSPARENT) - it now works as expected on all platforms.
  • Fixed a memory leak with Text.display().
  • Fixed HTML5 Fullscreen button controls.
  • Fixed Music.currentposition.
  • Fixed autocomplete issues in HaxeDevelop with Text.display().

(For a full update history, see the changelog.)