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Layers (version 0.1.0 (2018-02-21))

A plugin for Haxegon: http://www.haxegon.com

Layers is a simplified display list for Haxegon! It allows you to create and destroy graphical layers on the fly.

With the Layers plugin, you can:

  • Attach images to the canvas which are drawn every frame.
  • Remove them when you no longer want them.
  • Move, rotate, and scale layers independently.
  • Easily apply movement, rotation and scaling to the screen layer - useful for e.g. screenshake effects.

Layers is very lightweight, and has no dependancies on other libraries or plugins (other than Haxegon).


To install the Layers plugin, download this Layers.hx file, and copy it into your own project's plugins folder.


Here is a simple example:

import haxegon.*;

class Main {
  function init(){
  function update(){
    if (Mouse.leftheld()){
      Gfx.fillcircle(Mouse.x, Mouse.y, Random.float(10, 15), Col.WHITE, 0.75);
    if (Input.pressed(Key.SPACE)){
      //Rotate the layer 1 degree
      Layer.rotate("foreground", Layer.getrotation("foreground") + 1, Gfx.CENTER, Gfx.CENTER);

See the examples folder for more examples.


See the wiki for complete documentation.

About Layers

version: 0.1.0

dependancies: Haxegon 0.12.0 or newer.

Targets: Layers works on all current Haxegon targets - Native, HTML5 and Flash.

Author: @terrycavanagh

About Haxegon

Layers is a plugin for Haxegon. For more plugins, see http://www.haxegon.com/plugins/