Rust Data Science, a modular and fast data science framework for rust
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Rust Data Science is an attempt at bringing a solid basis for doing data science under rust. There already exist several scientific / data science library for rust but I'm not satisfied with their design. Following the famous xkcd joke, this is just another attempt.

Current attempt lack I/O capacity (array file format reading/writting and plotting mostly) and thus require additional glue to be used in real world projects. They often try to reimplement everything in rust (even basic BLAS operations) and thus lack performances (efficient matrix multiplication is hard). Nowadays every data science library should offer transparent multithreading and gpu support but existing implementation either have architecture problem because it was not planned early enough or is limited to one specific vendor solution.

Below is my plan, I know it's ambitious and I have no ETA.


  • array : n-dimensional arrays with common file format (csv, numpy, hdf5, matlab matrices) support.
  • blas : rusty blas abstraction for arrays which allow to transparently use BLAS, clBLAS, cuBLAS.
  • fft : fft abstraction for arrays which allow to transparently use fftw, clFFT, cuFFT.
  • plot : basic plotting library to output jpeg, png, svg plots.

On this basis we can hope to develop additional packages for linear algebra, statistics, signal processing, machine learning, neural networks.


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Does it work ?

No, try rusty-machine or rust-ndarray.