A cross-platform native backend for Haxe projects
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Native Media Engine

A proven backend for native iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux


  1. Install Haxe

  2. Install NME

haxelib install hxcpp
haxelib install nme
haxelib run nme setup

To install a specific version

  1. Go to NME Host
  2. Download a version, for example nme-5.5.11.zip
  3. haxelib install ~/Downloads/nme-5.5.11.zip

Building applications

cd nme/samples/DisplayingABitmap
nme test neko
nme test cpp
nme test flash
nme test mac
nme test windows
nme test android
nme test webos
nme test ios

Note: nme is a shortcut to haxelib run nme

Learning NME

Browse the sample projects. Every sample project contains the .hx Haxe sources and the .nmml config file to build the example.