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package tink.sql.drivers.php;
import tink.sql.format.Formatter;
import haxe.DynamicAccess;
import tink.sql.Query;
import tink.sql.Info;
import tink.sql.Types;
import tink.sql.format.Sanitizer;
import tink.streams.Stream;
import tink.sql.format.MySqlFormatter;
import tink.sql.format.SqliteFormatter;
import tink.sql.expr.ExprTyper;
import tink.sql.parse.ResultParser;
import tink.sql.drivers.MySqlSettings;
import php.db.PDO;
import php.db.PDOStatement;
import php.db.PDOException;
using tink.CoreApi;
class PDOMysql implements Driver {
var settings:MySqlSettings;
public function new(settings)
this.settings = settings;
function or<T>(value:Null<T>, byDefault: T)
return value == null ? byDefault : value;
public function open<Db:DatabaseInfo>(name:String, info:Db):Connection<Db> {
return new PDOConnection(
new MySqlFormatter(),
new PDO(
'mysql:host=${or(, 'localhost')};'
+ 'port=${or(settings.port, 3306)};'
+ 'dbname=$name;charset=${or(settings.charset, 'utf8')}',
class PDOSqlite implements Driver {
var fileForName: String->String;
public function new(?fileForName:String->String)
this.fileForName = fileForName;
public function open<Db:DatabaseInfo>(name:String, info:Db):Connection<Db> {
return new PDOConnection(
new SqliteFormatter(),
new PDO(
'sqlite:' + switch fileForName {
case null: name;
case f: f(name);
class PDOConnection<Db:DatabaseInfo> implements Connection<Db> implements Sanitizer {
var db:Db;
var cnx:PDO;
var formatter:Formatter<{}, {}>;
var parser:ResultParser<Db>;
public function new(db, formatter, cnx) {
this.db = db;
this.cnx = cnx;
this.formatter = formatter;
this.parser = new ResultParser(new ExprTyper(db));
public function value(v:Any):String {
if (, Bool)) return v ? '1' : '0';
if (v == null ||, Int)) return '$v';
if (, Bytes)) v = (cast v: Bytes).toString();
return cnx.quote(v);
public function ident(s:String):String
return tink.sql.drivers.MySql.getSanitizer(null).ident(s);
public function getFormatter()
return formatter;
public function execute<Result>(query:Query<Db,Result>):Result {
inline function fetch(): Promise<PDOStatement>
return run(formatter.format(query).toString(this));
return switch query {
case Select(_) | Union(_) | CallProcedure(_):
Stream.promise(fetch().next(function (res:PDOStatement) {
var row: Any;
var parse = parser.queryParser(query, formatter.isNested(query));
return Stream.ofIterator({
hasNext: function() {
row = res.fetchObject();
return row != false;
next: function () return parse(row)
case CreateTable(_, _) | DropTable(_) | AlterTable(_, _):
fetch().next(function(_) return Noise);
case Insert(_):
fetch().next(function(_) return new Id(Std.parseInt(cnx.lastInsertId())));
case Update(_) | Delete(_):
fetch().next(function(res) return {rowsAffected: res.rowCount()});
case ShowColumns(_):
return [for (row in res.fetchAll(PDO.FETCH_OBJ)) formatter.parseColumn(row)]
case ShowIndex(_):
fetch().next(function (res) return formatter.parseKeys(
[for (row in res.fetchAll(PDO.FETCH_OBJ)) row]
function run(query:String):Promise<PDOStatement>
try cnx.query(query)
catch (e: PDOException)
new Error(e.getCode(), e.getMessage());
// haxetink/tink_streams#20
public function syncResult<R, T: {}>(query:Query<Db,R>): Outcome<Array<T>, Error> {
return switch query {
case Select(_) | Union(_) | CallProcedure(_):
var parse = parser.queryParser(query, formatter.isNested(query));
try Success([
for (
row in
]) catch (e: PDOException)
Failure(new Error(e.getCode(), e.getMessage()));
default: throw 'Cannot iterate this query';
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