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A backend is the term used to refer to what HaxeUI uses to delegate component creation, event registration and rendering to. The core of the library (haxeui-core) handles layout, scripting, binding, invalidation sequence and such common tasks, whilst the backend in question is responsible for actually displaying something on screen, mapping of events from HaxeUI's generic UIEvent to something the host backend uses and such framework specific tasks.

In general getting HaxeUI to work with one of the supported backends is fairly trivial and follows these general steps:

  • Install haxeui-core
  • Install haxeui backend library
  • Install dependancies of backend libary

Haxelib itself should handle these steps for you. They are only listed here for completeness.

Supported Backends

The following list is all of the currently supported HaxeUI backends:

Framework Backend Library Dependencies Platforms
Flambe haxeui-flambe flambe Mobile, Browser
HTML5 haxeui-html5 none Browser **
Kha haxeui-kha kha Desktop, Mobile, Browser
Luxe haxeui-luxe luxe Desktop, Mobile, Browser
NME haxeui-nme nme Desktop, Mobile, Browser
OpenFL haxeui-openfl openfl, lime Desktop, Mobile, Browser
PixiJS haxeui-pixi pixijs Browser
hxWidgets haxeui-hxwidgets hxWidgets, wxWidgets Desktop **

** Produces OS native components