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haxeui-templates provides a set of templates to quickly and easily create haxeui projects for use with different IDEs. The templates are split up by IDE and haxeui backend.

Flash Develop

All Flash Develop templates for all backends are kept in a single haxeui-templates.fdz (flash develop zip) file. This file can be downloaded here.

Once downloaded, this file can simply be double clicked on to install the templates into Flash Develop. These templates will then become available under a "HaxeUI" heading when a new project is created.

Currently the Flash Develop .zip file (haxeui-templates.fdz) contains the following backend templates (some templates are still in progress and not available yet):


Kha uses a tool called khamake to generate project files for various IDEs based on a khafile.js, a zipped skeleton project has been provided here which contains a basic HaxeUI application. Once the archive has been downloaded and extracted simply navigate to the expanded directory and use:

haxelib run kha html5

To build the project files for the Kha HTML5 renderer.