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Adhere To License

@icodesign which is original author of Potatso has deleted all project source code from original project repository on Github.

The reason in which he mentioned about it in as below ... stated his reason deleting all source code

He deleted all source code because there are users that just copied the project, and published it to App Store under their own name. If you try to search for proxy application on App Store, you will see it too. There are several apps that are quite similar (or say just copied) to Potatso itself. This is against the intention and license he has included in the project.

So what I ask is for whoever clone and make use of this project, please adhere to the license too.

The ultimate goal is that

  • Users (especially Developers) that cannot afford buying Potatso app on App Store, or want to learn the process, can build their own Potatso app to personal use only; not commercial
  • Everyone can learn something from looking at the source code of Potatso project
  • Everyone has a chance to modify the source code, fix bugs, make it better, or even add more features to support newer protocols or techniques
  • Help support maintainers to keep going

Please keep in mind that you cannot just copy and publish the project to App Store under your name, but I do think that if you learn from the source code, but re-write it in your own way with the end-result that is completely different, and zero copy, then you have a chance to publish to App Store.

Let's together make open source community better but still respect intention of authors.

Wasin Thonkaew