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UPU - .unityPackage unpacker CLI Tool

This little Windows tool helps you to unpack Unity Packages from Unity 3D, and avoids that you have to open the Unity Editor in order to access the precious asset files bundled within the package.

It also can add a context menu handler for the Windows Explorer which makes extraction of the files a lot easier.


NEW: This CLI project here is the foundation for the UI version:

Visit http://upu.derfunk.com/ to get it. UpuGui

What's working already?

  1. You can extract the whole unity package to a defined directory, or the same directory where the package resides in.
  2. Add/Remove Windows Explorer context menu handlers for *.unitypackage files.


upu.exe [options]

-i, --input: Unitypackage input file.
-o, --output: The output path of the extracted unitypackage.
-r, --register: Register context menu handler.
-u, --unregister: Unregister context menu handler.

Works on

  • Windows
  • Linux / Mac OSX with Mono. Example: $ mono UpuConsole.exe -i TestPackage.unitypackage (You have Mono installed if you have Unity 3D installed 👍


  1. Get rid of CommandLineParser.dll while keeping the command line API.
  2. Get rid of UpuCore.dll - just provide a single binary. Do that by linking the source files into the Console Project, instead of referencing the UpuCore.dll there.
  3. Add option to only display the file structure which the package contains to be able to extract only certain files on command line. For e.g. like "tree".
  4. Add graphical user interface with the option to only extract certain files.

Download Pre-Built Binary

Link http://wasin.io/user-data/projects/upkgunpack/upkgunpack.zip

Search Engine Keywords: unity3d, unitypackage, unpack, extract, deflate, assets