CLD1, a game made for charity game jam or MiniLD#38 as part of Ludumdare. I made it with another artist under my indie game studio Basement Dojo. Not every single bit of code is optimized so please use it as a educational purpose and on your own.
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A game made for charity game jam project or MiniLD#38 as part of Ludumare event hosted by @McFunkypants.

Firstly, you can play this game at or directly at my company website at

I made this game with another artist and freelance sound maker, and be able to complete the whole project within 5 days. You know the event has no restriction on deadline, just make a game and submit. It serves the purpose.

Not every single bit of code is optimized so please use it for educational purpose and build up on that :)

I use cocos2d-html5-v.2.0.0 @ Aug.28, 2012. See it at Please note that I use both cocos2d-x and cocos2d-html5 from the day 1 of their own development process by the team making it. So that's legit story about it.

The project utilize the following features.
- Manual implementation of parallax objects
- Actions (notable are Sequence, DelayTime, MoveTo, MoveBy, and CallFunc)
- Making complex (sort of) animation to works
- schedule + scheduleUpdate
- LabelTTF with custom .ttf file
- Keyboard event
- Scrolling credits style
- Mainmenu selection in retro (or NES) style
- Manipulate vector for aiming, shooting, and placing bullets for guns
- Collision detection of bullets against zombies
- Simulate moving scene
- Zombie spawning system

-- Code Guideline --
1. Prefix variables/functions with "_" to indicate that it's private members.
2. Non-prefix variables/functions means public members.
3. All basic initilization of values will be done in init...() function, not to pay attention too much on the single line declaration within the class.

I'm open and accept all kind of comments or suggestion, or if you want to connect with me, just follow my twitter or send me e-mail.

*Art resource is copyrighted by Basement Dojo (my company), you may not use any copyrighted material without permission. For funkytron overlay theme images, you have to ask permission from @McFunkypants who hosted this game jam event.
*Sound resource is freely to be used. But please credit "Narupai Asksonmee" for his creation. You can found him on

** If you guys succeed to make any game that based on this project, please let me know in any way. I would love to see it and share the projects to my connection on social network :)

<strong>LICENSE</strong>: I don't use any license on this project, I don't get used to reading all those license stuff, literally. I would take for honor system. If you use my code with your project, for the whole or any part, **just credit my name in your work, that's all I need".

Happy hacking!

Wasin Thonkaew (Indie Game Developer)
Twitter: @haxpor
Website: |