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Hot-seat 2 players racing to plant the tree, and collect fruits
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CIGA Game Jam 2017

A hot-seat two players compete each other for higher score in collecting fruit from the tree. Planting, water and collecting. No matter who wins, we all wins.

This game is made solo during CIGA game jam 2017 in Shenzhen, China; within 48 hours.

Gameplay Part 1

gameplay part 1 gif

Gameplay Part 2

gameplay part 2 gif

Giving Stuff to Opponent

give stuff to opponent

Collecting Fruit

collecting fruit

Fill Water into Bucket

fill water into bucket

Growth of Tree to Final Stage

growth of tree to final stage


Requirement to Run the Game

  • Java Runtime at least version 1.6+
  • Xbox360 controllers for two players (due to the game doesn't offer button mapping as configuration so if you use different brand of controller, button might be changed. But all in all, you can use other controller but keep in mind it's not tested).
  • - Keyboard to control player is not support yet.

Key Control

Xbox360 Controler

  • Use Left analog, or D-Pad to move player around
  • Move on top of stuff i.e. bucket, fruit, seed in order to carry it
  • Left analog for direction + B to place down stuff you're carrying to the tile as directed by analog direction
  • When match ends, and you're at score screen, player 1 only can press A to restart the match
  • Hold Left Bumper button to show minimap


  • Z to immediately restart the match

More Infomation

Please go to (but can use Z button to manually restart the match if needed)

Also can follow devlog for future updates at


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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