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Querying hardware sensors on Linux, macOS and major BSD systems.
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# UNIX sensors (tingle)

# Query CPU, memory, network, power, audio and
  temperature sensors.

Supporting Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS and DragonFlyBSD.

It's also probably a useful reference for querying common
system information on the most-common Unix-like operating

This can be used with pipes by other processes to
query the hardware. Or just to display a status
line in screen or tmux or some Xorg program.

	make (or gmake)

Usage: tingle [OPTIONS]
   Where OPTIONS can be a combination of
        Show average CPU usage.
        Show all CPU cores and usage.
      -k (KB) -m (MB) -g (GB)
        Show memory usage (unit).
        Show network usage.
        Show power status (ac and battery percentage).
        Show temperature sensors (temperature in celcius).
        Display mixer values (system values).
        Show all in a nicely formatted status bar format.
        This is the default behaviour with no arguments.
        With other flags specify (in any order) which
        components to display in the status bar.
      -h | -help | --help
        This help.

Alastair Poole <>

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