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Generalize Operating System using for VM template. Compatible with CentOS 7.
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Description is a command line tool which generalize (sysprep) system for CentOS 7.

Features removes or regenerates following system-specific files and configurations.

  • Log files (mainly in /var/log/*)
  • Received emails
  • cron configurations
  • DHCP status files
  • YUM cache files
  • YUM transaction history
  • SSH host keys
  • .ssh directories (contain authorized_keys and known_hosts)
  • tmp files
  • Firewall configurations
  • Hostname
  • NIC configurations (ex. static ip address, gateway, UUID, etc.)
  • machine-id (>= CentOS 7.1)
  • Command execution history (.bash_history)


You can run this script from bash command line. This script needs root privileges. You should use this script with source command as shown below. It's because some features need to set environment variables for root.


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