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Express app to control slides over wifi from a remote device.


Install globally using npm

$ npm install -g slidex


$ slidex
# runs on default port 8080
$ slidex 8989
# to run on port 8989

By default the app will take 8080 as the port. You can choose any port between 1024 - 65535.

Visit the URL printed on the terminal or use the QR code to access the WebApp. Add the webApp to home screen from your browser to use it as a PWA. *Note a PWA generated in a network will be functional only for that network. If you change the network or the IP of the host gets changed, you might need to redo the above steps.


  • Clone the repository
$ git clone
  • cd into the repository and install dependencies
$ cd slidex
$ npm install
  • run the server
$ npm start

Setting up for development

  • Clone the repository
$ git clone
  • cd into the repository and install dependencies
$ cd slide-express
$ npm install
  • run the development server
$ npm run dev


Pull requests are welcomed, Please address your PR for any of the issue labled as help wanted, or good first issue. If you'd like to add features please raise an issue and confirm it with the maintainers.


  • Fork the repository to your account.
  • Copy the clone url of your repository.
  • Clone the repository to your machine git clone
  • Make sure you create a branch with the name as the issue you are working on git checkout -b YOUR_BRANCH_NAME, and make sure you are working on the same branch and not the master, run git status to know which branch you are working on, run git branch, your branch will be highlighted with an *. If you are not in your branch or want to move to another branch use git checkout BRANCH_NAME. a good branch name should explain what this branch is about or what you are working on eg. improved_connection, css_animations etc.
  • Add the upstream url of original repository, follow the instructions here
  • Make sure your repository is in sync with the original repository's master branch. Follow the instruction here to know how to keep your local repository in sync.
  • Finally when you have made the changes, submit a pull request through github from the original repository, choose your branch against the master of original or create a new branch.


For more info on the dependencies used, visit their official pages linked below


Control your sildeshows from any device in the network







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