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A Chrome extension that makes a few sites a little better

Nagfree is a Chrome extension that allows you to write scripts that fix the usability of some sites. For example, it allows you to right-click on images on Instagram, add reading times to the New Yorker, and add larger thumbnails to the search results page on Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Either download this extension and unzip the file or use git clone to clone the repo.
  2. Go to your Chrome extensions.
  3. Enable 'Developer mode' (switch on the right).
  4. Click the 'Load unpacked' button on the top left and select the directory.
  5. Go to If the font is set to Comic Sans, the extension is running!

Current scripts

  • ah - Add price per kilogram to product listings on
  • aliexpress - Add an option to filter by a minimum amount of ratings
  • beeldbank - Get bigger thumbnails
  • bloomberg - Remove paywall banner
  • booking - Remove silly stress inducing UX from
  • drukwerkdeal - Add price per piece
  • eyefilm - Remove fixed header
  • facebook - Remove useless right column
  • filmladder - Add option to see times with movie listings
  • flickr - Remove Spaceball to allow right-click to download photos from the 'all sizes' download page
  • ftm - Remove paywall
  • funda - Add price per square meter
  • google - Remove cruft and useless ads
  • groene - Add word count / reading time
  • indebuurt - Remove those stupid arrows floating over the text
  • instagram - Allow right-clicking on and saving images
  • medium - Remove nonsense
  • metafilter - Add a 'sort by favorites' option to questions
  • newyorker-nonag - No nagscreen
  • newyorker-readtime - Add reading time / wordcount
  • npo-cookies - Automatically deny all tracking and social media NPO cookies
  • nytimes - Remove anti-adblocker messages
  • oddschecker - Add more sane numbers
  • pinterest - Remove the ugly giftwrap thing
  • revue - Remove sources holder
  • slate - Add some sane line length on paragraphs
  • spotify-open-in-app - Open links in the desktop app instead of with the web client
  • twitter - Hide retweets, 'liked by', promoted tweets and other crap
  • volkskrant-readtime - Adding reading time / word count
  • volkskrant-static-header - Make fixed header not fixed
  • vox - Remove the tab bar
  • whitehouse - Set font to Comic Sans
  • wikimedia-commons - Add a better search results page to Wikimedia Commons
  • wikipedia-geolink - Directly link the coordinates in articles to Google Maps instead of the geohack tool
  • wikipedia-pageviews - Add a link to pageviews to every Wikipedia article
  • wikipedia-wikidataid - Add Wikidata ID to all Wikipedia articles
  • wired - Remove paywall / anti adblock thing

Writing your own scripts

Support for adding and removing scripts is a bit clumsy at the moment. I would suggest cloning this repo and just adding your own scripts to the scripts/ folder.


Licensed under the MIT license.


Written by Hay Kranen.


A Chrome extension that makes a few sites a little better








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