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A node.js module for the Disqus API
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Disqus - An API module for Node.js

This module allows you to use the Disqus API. The module is written for version 3.0 of the API and uses the 'Legacy admin authentication' instead of OAuth.


npm install disqus



Here's how to set it up:

var Disqus = require('disqus');

var disqus = new Disqus({
    api_secret : 'your_api_secret',
    api_key : 'your_api_key',
    access_token : 'your_access_token'

From then on you can use the request method to make calls to the API. Note that the module knows if it should use GET or POST, so you don't need to worry about that.

Request method

The request method has three parameters:

disqus.request(resource, parameters, callback);

resource maps to one of the API methods, so for example the list method for posts is written as posts/list in the argument.

parameters are required but can be an empty object ({}) if you don't have any.

callback will contain either the response of the call if it went successful. If you got an error, it will contain an error property with error information.


Here's an example that will list all posts from a forum called 'foo'. This example requires that the disqus object is already setup with your credentials, as shown in the 'setup' example above.

disqus.request('posts/list', { forum : 'foo'}, function(data) {
    if (data.error) {
        console.log('Something went wrong...');
    } else {


Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.