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Customizable Wikimedia theme

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Wikimedia Nederland Customizable WordPress theme

This is a generic theme that is used on Wikimedia Nederland sites, including the main site and However, it can be used as a generic theme for anything.


  • Easy customizable menus, headers and look and feel
  • Written in clean HTML5 from the ground up
  • Uses the Haybase plugin for easy development


This theme requires the haybase plugin installed and activated.

  1. Download the latest version of haybase and extract it somewhere.
  2. Move the src folder to your wp-content/plugins folder and rename it to haybase
  3. Download this theme
  4. Extract it, and move the folder to your wp-content/themes folder and rename it to wmnl-theme
  5. Log in to the administration panel and activate the haybase plugin
  6. Activate this theme
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