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is.vim - incremental search improved

Build Status

is.vim improves search feature. is.vim is successor of incsearch.vim.

'is' is abbreviation of 'incsearch'.


Automatically clear highlight (|:nohlsearch|) after cursor moved and some other autocmd event.


Incremental scroll to next match feature.


🔌 Integration 🔌

is.vim can integrate with other search enhancment plugins.

Integration of vim-anzu display search position like (2/10) for n/N commands.

map n <Plug>(is-nohl)<Plug>(anzu-n-with-echo)
map N <Plug>(is-nohl)<Plug>(anzu-N-with-echo)

Integration of vim-asterisk provides improved * motions.

  • star (*) without cursor move
  • visual star feature (search selected text)
  • etc..
map *  <Plug>(asterisk-z*)<Plug>(is-nohl-1)
map g* <Plug>(asterisk-gz*)<Plug>(is-nohl-1)
map #  <Plug>(asterisk-z#)<Plug>(is-nohl-1)
map g# <Plug>(asterisk-gz#)<Plug>(is-nohl-1)

🐦 Author 🐦

haya14busa (

📘 Document 📘

:h is.vim