Project Config Based Run (reviewdog.yml)

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Introduce (experimental) Project Config Based Run (reviewdog.yml)

Project Configuration Based Run


reviewdog can also be controlled via the reviewdog.yml configuration file instead of "-f" or "-efm" arguments.

With reviewdog.yml, you can run the same commands both CI service and local
environment including editor intergration with ease.


    cmd: <command> # (required)
    errorformat: # (optional if there is supporeted format for <tool-name>. see reviewdog -list)
      - <list of errorformat>
    name: <tool-name> # (optional. you can overwrite <tool-name> defined by runner key)

  # examples
    cmd: golint ./...
      - "%f:%l:%c: %m"
    cmd: go tool vet -all -shadowstrict .
$ reviewdog -diff="git diff master"
project/run_test.go:61:28: [golint] error strings should not end with punctuation
project/run.go:57:18: [errcheck]        defer os.Setenv(name, os.Getenv(name))
project/run.go:58:12: [errcheck]        os.Setenv(name, "")
# You can use -conf to specify config file path.
$ reviewdog -ci=droneio -conf=./reviewdog.yml

Output format for project config based run is one of following formats.

  • <file>: [<tool name>] <message>
  • <file>:<lnum>: [<tool name>] <message>
  • <file>:<lnum>:<col>: [<tool name>] <message>

0.9.3 (2016-12-15)