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0.9.10 (2018-06-24)

New features: GitLab support! 🎉

reviewdog meets gitlab

gitlab-mr-discussion sample

Added -reporter=gitlab-mr-discussion and -reporter=gitlab-mr-commit options.

$ export GITLAB_API="https://example.gitlab.com/api/v4"
$ reviewdog -reporter=gitlab-mr-discussion

GitLab CI is also supported.

GitLab CI


.gitlab-ci.yml sample

    - reviewdog -reporter=gitlab-mr-discussion
    # Or
    - reviewdog -reporter=gitlab-mr-commit

Special thanks

GitLab support (-reporter=gitlab-mr-commit) is implemenbed by @nakatanakatana and @masamotod 👍

Bug Fixes

  • github-pr-review: support pagination to get all posted comments #168 (haya14busa)

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0.9.9 (2018-06-04)

New features:

reviewdog with GitHub Checks feature. https://help.github.com/articles/about-status-checks/#checks

github-pr-check sample
comment in pull-request
commit status

  1. Install reviedog Apps. https://github.com/apps/reviewdog
  2. Set REVIEWDOG_TOKEN or run reviewdog CLI in trusted CI providers.
  • Get token from https://reviewdog.app/gh/{owner}/{repo-name}.
  • $ export REVIEWDOG_TOKEN="xxxxx"
  1. $ reviewdog -conf=.reviewdog.yml -reporter=github-pr-check

Breaking changes:

Deprecate -ci flag #132.
Use -reporter flag instead.

$ reviewdog -ci=travis
$ reviewdog -reporter=github-pr-review

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0.9.7 (2017-08-09)

GitHub & GitHub Enterprise Support:

As of version 0.9.7, reviewdog completely switched to use new
Pull Reqeust Review Comments API
including GitHub Enterprise. If your GitHub Enterprise version is too low to use
this new API, please use reviewdog version < 0.9.7

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0.9.6 (2017-03-02)

Support running reviewdog in sub directory for CI
(Supported GitHub & GitHub Enterprise)


cd sub/dir && golint . | reviewdog -f=golint -ci=circleci

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Introduce (experimental) Project Config Based Run (reviewdog.yml)

Project Configuration Based Run


reviewdog can also be controlled via the reviewdog.yml configuration file instead of "-f" or "-efm" arguments.

With reviewdog.yml, you can run the same commands both CI service and local
environment including editor intergration with ease.


    cmd: <command> # (required)
    errorformat: # (optional if there is supporeted format for <tool-name>. see reviewdog -list)
      - <list of errorformat>
    name: <tool-name> # (optional. you can overwrite <tool-name> defined by runner key)

  # examples
    cmd: golint ./...
      - "%f:%l:%c: %m"
    cmd: go tool vet -all -shadowstrict .
$ reviewdog -diff="git diff master"
project/run_test.go:61:28: [golint] error strings should not end with punctuation
project/run.go:57:18: [errcheck]        defer os.Setenv(name, os.Getenv(name))
project/run.go:58:12: [errcheck]        os.Setenv(name, "")
# You can use -conf to specify config file path.
$ reviewdog -ci=droneio -conf=./reviewdog.yml

Output format for project config based run is one of following formats.

  • <file>: [<tool name>] <message>
  • <file>:<lnum>: [<tool name>] <message>
  • <file>:<lnum>:<col>: [<tool name>] <message>

0.9.3 (2016-12-15)