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Vim motion on speed! Build Status


This repository is DEPRECATED because I became collaborator on the main Lokaltog/vim-easymotion repository( and took over the project.

Please move back to the main Lokaltog/vim-easymotion repository.

Thank you for using my fork version!

I'll try to develop easymotion to make it more sophisticated on the main repository. The same as before.

Attention for moving back to original vim-easymotion

I pushed all updates to the main repo, but I made small changes from this repository.

1. I separated SelectLines & SelectPhrase as a different plugin.

SelectLines & SelectPhrase is not motion but operator and I could clean up the code by separating these function. These functions was implemented by supasorn(

If you used these features or are interested in, please install these plugin in addition to vim-easymotion.

2. Remove <Plug>(easymotion-S)

Attention: S is uppercase.

easymotion-S is same as <Plug>(easymotion-bd-w) and existed only for backward compatibility of this repository, so I remove this mapping. If you used this mapping, please use <Plug>(easymotion-bd-w) instead.

That's all.

Thank you again!