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Fixed installer if missing directories

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1 parent 5dfa323 commit 5d2dfcb3d6bc4d6c57852f668257718bbc0df748 @malaverdiere malaverdiere committed Oct 31, 2012
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@@ -7,13 +7,16 @@ else
# KDE Color Palette
+mkdir -p ${kde_path}/share/config/colors/
cp ./Solarized_Colors ${kde_path}/share/config/colors/Solarized\ Colors
# Konsole (yakuake, etc.) color scheme
+mkdir -p ${kde_path}/share/apps/konsole/
cp ./"Solarized Dark.colorscheme" ${kde_path}/share/apps/konsole/
cp ./"Solarized Light.colorscheme" ${kde_path}/share/apps/konsole/
# Kate Color Schema and syntax highligting
+mkdir -p ${kde_path}/share/config/
cat ./"Solarized Dark.kateschema" >> ${kde_path}/share/config/kateschemarc
cat ./"Solarized Dark.katesyntax" >> ${kde_path}/share/config/katesyntaxhighlightingrc
cat ./"Solarized Light.kateschema" >> ${kde_path}/share/config/kateschemarc

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