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Build Status

wercker status

PerfMonger is an yet anothor performance measurement/monitoring tool speaking JSON.

CAUTION: PerfMonger is still in early stage, so there may be a drastic change in the future. Do not use it for critical jobs

Target platform

  • GNU/Linux


  • Ruby 1.9.3 or later
  • gnuplot 4.6.0 or later (optional)

Note: You need Cutter unit testing framework for building/running tests.

How to install

gem install perfmonger

Build from source

rake build

How to use: case study

Monitor IO performance of /dev/sda for each 0.1 second

$ perfmonger record -i 0.1 -d sda

Monitor CPU usage for each 0.1 second

$ perfmonger record -i 0.1

Monitor CPU usage and IO performance of /dev/sda, sdb for each 0.1 second

$ perfmonger record -i 0.1 -d sda -d sdb

Plot CPU and IOPS

$ perfmonger record -i 0.1 -C -d sda > /tmp/perfmonger.log & sleep 10; pkill perfmonger
$ perfmonger plot -o /path/to/output_dir/ -Tpng /tmp/perfmonger.log
$ display /path/to/output_dir/read-iops.png
$ display /path/to/output_dir/cpu.png

Sample image of IOPS graph Sample image of CPU usage graph

Special Thanks

Large portion of PerfMonger comes from SYSSTAT codebase. Thanks for their great work.

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