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PerfMonger is a system performance monitor which enables high-resolution and holistic performance measurement with the programmer friendly interface.

  • High-resolution: sub-second level monitoring is possible!
  • Holistic performance measurement: monitoring CPU, Disk I/O, Network all at once.
  • Programmer friendly: PerfMonger speaks monitoring results in JSON format, which makes later performance analysis much easier (ex. jq).

CAUTION: PerfMonger is still in early stage, so there may be a drastic change in the future. Do not use it for critical jobs

Target platform

  • GNU/Linux
  • Mac OS X (experimental support)

How to installation

gem install perfmonger

You need gnuplot 4.6.0 or later build with cairo terminals for plotting measurement data with perfmonger plot command.

Build from source

You need Ruby 2.2 or later, and Go 1.8 or later to build perfmonger.

rake build

Getting started

Basic usage of PerfMonger is:

  • Run perfmonger record to record performance information logs
  • Run perfmonger play to show performance information logs in JSON format

perfmonger play repatedly prints records of system performance including CPU usages, disk usages, and network usages. One line includes only one record, so you can easily process output records with jq, or any scripting languages like Ruby, Python, and etc.

Pretty-printed structure of a record is as follows:

{"time": 1500043743.504, # timestamp in unix epoch time
  "cpu": {               # CPU usages
    "num_core": 2,         # the number of cores
    "all": {               # aggregated CPU usage (max = num_core * 100%)
      "usr": 50.0,
      "sys": 50.0,
      "idle": 100.0,
    "cores": [             # Usage of each CPU core
        "usr": 25.0,
        "sys": 25.0,
        "idle": 50.0,
        "usr": 25.0,
        "sys": 25.0,
        "idle": 50.0,
  "disk": {             # Disk usages
    "devices": ["sda"],   # List of disk devices
    "sda": {              # Usage of device 'sda'
      "riops": 10.0,        # The number of read I/O per second
      "wiops": 20.0,        # The number of write I/O per second
      "rkbyteps": 80.0,     # Read transfer rate in KB/s
      "wkbyteps": 160.0,    # Write transfer rate in KB/s
    "total": {           # Aggregated usage of all devices
      "riops": 10.0,
      "wiops": 20.0,
      "rkbyteps": 80.0,
      "wkbyteps": 160.0,

Typical use cases

perfmonger live: live performance monitoring

$ perfmonger live

Monitor IO performance of /dev/sda for each 0.1 second

$ perfmonger record -i 0.1 -d sda

Monitor CPU usage for each 0.1 second

$ perfmonger record -i 0.1

Monitor CPU usage and IO performance of /dev/sda, sdb for each 0.1 second

$ perfmonger record -i 0.1 -d sda -d sdb
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