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Commits on Jan 15, 2010
  1. add variable for switching functions for posting tweets

    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-update-status-function): add
    (twittering-update-status-from-pop-up-buffer): renamed from
    (twittering-update-status-interactive, twittering-enter)
    (twittering-organic-retweet, twittering-direct-message): use
  2. fix ugly history of pop-up buffer

    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-edit-post-status): add trailing
    newlines to new history element because help-overlay need it.
  3. bug fix of edit-post-status

    (twittering-edit-post-status): bug fix.
  4. use pop-up buffer as a default

    (twittering-edit-status): takes reply-to-id as a second argument
    (twittering-enter, twittering-organic-retweet)
    (twittering-direct-message, twittering-reply-to-user): use
  5. length check for pop-up buffer

    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-edit-mode): setup
    twittering-warning-overlay and after-change-functions
    (twittering-edit-length-check): add. check length and set warning
    overlay if the length exceeds 140 chars.
    (twittering-edit-mode-map): fix keymap
    (twittering-edit-extract-status): add. extract status from pop-up
    buffer by removing trailing whitespace chars.
    (twittering-edit-post-status): use edit-extract-status.
  6. help overlay setup in pop-up buffer

    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-edit-setup-help): add to setup
    help overlay in pop-up buffer
    (twittering-edit-next-history, twittering-edit-previous-history):
    use twittering-edit-setup-help
  7. help text for pop-up buffer

    (twittering-edit-mode): setup help string overlay
    (twittering-edit-post-status): don't close buffer if tweet is
  8. implemented history of pop-up buffer

    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-edit-next-history)
    (twittering-edit-previous-history, twittering-edit-history): add
    history for pop-up buffer
    (twittering-edit-mode-map): defined key for next/previous-history
    (twittering-edit-mode): initialize local variables for history
  9. update changelog

  10. add keybind

Commits on Jan 14, 2010
  1. @cvmat

    Check availability of `delete-dups' by `fboundp'.

    cvmat authored
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-remove-duplicates): check
    availability of `delete-dups' by `fboundp' instead of
Commits on Jan 13, 2010
  1. add docstring of twittering-format-status

    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-format-status): add docstring
  2. @yata
Commits on Jan 12, 2010
  1. @cvmat

    `twittering-status-format' is defined with `%FILL{...}' and `%T'.

    cvmat authored
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-status-format): use '%FILL{...}'
    and '%T' for the default value instead of '%t'.
  2. @cvmat

    New tweet format specifier "%FILL{...}" is added.

    cvmat authored
    It applies `fill-region-as-paragraph' to the strings in braces.
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-format-status): add new format
    specifier "%FILL{...}", which applies `fill-region-as-paragraph'
    to the strings in braces.
  3. @cvmat

    New tweet format specifier "%T" meaning the raw text is added.

    cvmat authored
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-format-status): add new format
    specifier "%T", which is converted to the raw text.
  4. @cvmat

    `twittering-render-timeline' inserts a newline as a tweet separator.

    cvmat authored
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-format-status): remove a
    newline as a separator of tweets.
    (twittering-render-timeline): insert a newline as a separator of
  5. @cvmat

    Fix `twittering-format-string' for a string including newlines.

    cvmat authored
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-format-string): fix the search of
    the key string following the prefix from a string including
  6. add 'emacs' command to test target emacsen

    * test/ (exit_status): add 'emacs' command to test
    target emacsen
  7. @cvmat

    The strings following "%t" are filled together with the tweet text.

    cvmat authored
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-format-status): fill the text with
    the strings following "%t".
  8. @yata
  9. fix test

    * test/test-twittering-mode.el (test-icon-mode): removed use of
  10. @cvmat

    add uri property to URIs in text

    cvmat authored committed
  11. @kou

    add uri property to @XXX in text

    kou authored committed
  12. @yata

    (twittering-start-http-session): call 'twittering-find-curl-program' …

    yata authored
    …only when 'twittering-use-ssl' is non-nil.
Commits on Jan 10, 2010
  1. wrote getting stared

  2. add dependency of html pages

  3. changed css

  4. add piwik trac code

  5. add banner

  6. @cvmat

    `convert' program is confirmed on entering twittering-mode.

    cvmat authored
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-convert-program): initialize
    without confirming whether `convert' comes from ImageMagick.
    (twittering-mode-init-variables): confirm whether the found
    `convert' is a part of ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick if
    `twittering-use-convert' is non-nil. If the program does not come
    from ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick, `twittering-use-convert' is
    changed into nil.
  7. check 'convert' command is of ImageMagick.

    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-convert-program): checks whether
    'convert' is a part of ImageMagick. Windows XP has 'convert.exe'
    in WINDOWS/system32, which is a partition converter.
  8. @cvmat

    Filling a tweet text as a paragraph is now a effect of "%t".

    cvmat authored
    * twittering-mode.el (twittering-status-format): modify the
    meaning of the specifier "%t" to remove implicit filling as a
    (twittering-render-timeline): remove implicit filling a text as a
    paragraph. In addition, a newline as a delimiter is added by
    (twittering-format-status): with "%t", fill a text as a paragraph.
    This function adds a newline at the end of status instead of
    `twittering-render-timeline'. Then, the newline as a delimiter
    also has the same text properties as the body of the tweet.
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