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Menubar disappears, for all emacs modes #1

greenrd opened this Issue Dec 16, 2009 · 3 comments


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greenrd commented Dec 16, 2009

I am using

GNU Emacs (i486-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.18.0)
of 2009-09-27 on palmer, modified by Debian

in X11. When I do M-x twittering-mode, the emacs menubar disappears - not just for twittering-mode, but for all modes.


hayamiz commented Dec 16, 2009

Thank you for reporting a problem.
I suspect that this problem is caused by interference between twittering-mode and your .emacs, because there's no explicit operations on the menu bar.
In order to confirm that, please follow these steps and report the result:

  1. launch emacs by executing 'emacs -Q' (load no init files like .emacs)
  2. M-x load-file /path/to/twittering-mode.el
  3. M-x twittering-mode
    Still the problem occur, it means twittering-mode has some problems.

greenrd commented Dec 19, 2009

OK, I followed these steps. After entering my username, the menubar disappeared and the toolbar buttons also disappeared. After I entered my password, the toolbar buttons reappeared but the menubar did not reappear.


hayamiz commented Dec 19, 2009

This indicates that the problem is twittering-mode itself, or your Emacs(+environment).
Anyway I cannot identify the cause unless I can reproduce the situation.
Could you tell me your environment? Results of uname -a and lsb_release -a will do. and send me twittering-mode.el you are using. My email address is y.hayamizu at gmail.com.

And I would like you to check these points:

  1. After the menubar disappears, execute M-x menu-bar-mode. Does it appear again?
  2. Launch emacs with emacs -Q, M-x eval-expression (debug-on-entry 'modify-all-frames-parameters), M-x load-file /path/to/twittering-mode.el and then M-x twittering-mode. Does a backtrace appear? If so, tell me the backtrace.
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