ColorPicker for iPhone and iPod touch
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HRColorPicker is a lightweight color picker for iOS
that's easy to use for both users and developers.


Try HRColorPicker

To try HRColorPicker, open and enter the following command:

$ pod try Color-Picker-for-iOS

How to use it


platform :ios, '7.0'
pod "Color-Picker-for-iOS", "~> 2.0"


$ pod install


colorPickerView = [[HRColorPickerView alloc] init];
colorPickerView.color = self.color;
[colorPickerView addTarget:self
[self.view addSubview:colorPickerView];

HRColorPicker is optimized for Interface Builder and AutoLayout.

How to customize

Interface Builder

Layout, color, and tile size can be changed only through the Interface Builder.

Without Interface Builder

As shown below, you can also programmatically customize HRColorPicker.

colorPickerView.colorMapView.saturationUpperLimit = @1;

If you would like to change the layout, it is strongly recommended that you use the Interface Builder and AutoLayout.

Changing the UI components

If you would like to customize the user interface, HRColorPicker allows you to completely change out certain UI components.

@property (nonatomic, strong) IBOutlet UIView <HRColorInfoView> *colorInfoView;
@property (nonatomic, strong) IBOutlet UIControl <HRColorMapView> *colorMapView;
@property (nonatomic, strong) IBOutlet UIControl <HRBrightnessSlider> *brightnessSlider;

Create your custom UI class that implement protocol methods.

YourAwesomeBrightnessSlider *slider = [[YourAwesomeBrightnessSlider alloc] init];
[colorPickerView addSubview:slider];
colorPickerView.brightnessSlider = slider;


  • new BSD License


  • iOS7.x~