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ICFP Programming Contest 2013 - Team "きらきら☆あんなたん"

The team きらきら☆あんなたん's entry for

Team members

  • Anna Ogawa
  • Keiko Oono
  • Hayato Ito
  • Mai Nishimura (As a chef)

Used languages

  • Scala


How to run (for Mac)

% brew update && brew install sbt
% export SBT_OPTS="-XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled -XX:MaxPermSize=256M"
% sbt run

How to develop using Eclipse (if you love Eclipse)

  • Install Scala IDE from for Scala 2.10.x.

  • Generate project files for Eclipse:

    % sbt eclipse

    Make sure that .project, .classpath and .settings/ are generated, which are used by Eclipse.

  • Import the workspace (this top directory) from Eclipse.