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Serverless Edge TPU compiler on Cloud Run
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Serverless Edge TPU Compiler using Cloud Run

A simple REST API which runs Edge TPU compiler on Cloud Run. You can compile your tflite model(s) into Edge TPU model, with a simple HTTPS request, on scalable and managed environment.


  1. GCP Account
  2. Enable Billing
  3. Enable Cloud Build and Cloud Run APIs

Build and Deploy

The following code will build the container and deploy it to Cloud Run environment. You may need to modify memory spec if you want to compile larger models.

$ gcloud builds submit \
    --tag${PROJECTID}/cloudrun-tpucompiler \
    --project ${PROJECTID}
$ gcloud beta run deploy \
    --image${PROJECTID}/cloudrun-tpucompiler \
    --platform managed \
    --project ${PROJECTID} \
    --concurrency 1 \
    --memory 1024Mi

How to use

You can compile your tflite model to Edge TPU model by REST API. Input model(s) must be on GCS, and output model will be created on GCS.

  1. Locate your tflite files to Google Cloud Storage
  2. Run following HTTP request
  3. You can find the compiled model on GCS

Single model

curl -X POST \
  -F 'gcs_src_uri=gs://MY_BUCKET/inception_v4_299_quant.tflite' \
  -F 'gcs_dst_uri=gs://MY_BUCKET/inception_v4_299_quant_edgetpu.tflite' \

Co-compile models

curl -X POST \
  -F 'gcs_src_uri=gs://MY_BUCKET/inception_v4_299_quant.tflite, gs://MY_BUCKET/mobilenet_v1_1.0_224_quant.tflite' \
  -F 'gcs_dst_uri=gs://MY_BUCKET/inception_mobilenet_quant_edgetpu.tflite' \
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