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Frontend for Feature Requests
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Feature Requests App (WIP)

Feature Requests is a API/SPA combo demonstrating some ways to piece together various pieces of the Laravel and Vue.js ecosystems. A fictional app for helping a company create/view client profiles, creating feature requests from those clients, and prioritizing those feature requests.

This is the frontend, the ui. You can find the backend repo here - feature-requests.

DEMO - (The data is wiped every 24 hours)

Frontend Tools


$ git clone [git-repo-url] feature-requests-app
$ cd feature-requests-app
$ npm install
$ npm run dev #served at localhost:8080
$ npm run build #production build


You'll want to change the urls to match your setup in config/development.config.js and config/production.config.js.



###Contributing Pull requests are welcome :)

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