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Pasted via my blog

Recently I tried to use a benchmark script I'd used previously for a quick check of VPS CPU, Disk and Network. However, it's no longer online. As a result I wanted to keep a list of scripts and tools for benchmarking Linux servers. Submit suggestions.

Bench Scripts

Bench Command line Apps

bench Scripts - view system information and test the network, disk of your Linux server.

$ wget -qO- | bash

alt screenshot

nench - A script loosely based on the established

$ (curl -s | bash; curl -s | bash) 2>&1 | tee nench.log  

------------------------------------------------ v2017.06.01 --
benchmark timestamp:    2017-10-31 03:38:08 UTC

Processor:    Common KVM processor
CPU cores:    6
Frequency:    2399.998 MHz
RAM:          2.9G
Kernel:       Linux 4.9.0-4-amd64 x86_64

sda     30G  HDD

CPU: SHA256-hashing 500 MB
 3.438 seconds
CPU: bzip2-compressing 500 MB
 5.385 seconds
CPU: AES-encrypting 500 MB
3.174 seconds

ioping: seek rate
min/avg/max/mdev = 59.0 us / 180.1 us / 3.71 ms / 57.3 us
ioping: sequential read speed
generated 4.02 k requests in 5.00 s, 1005.5 MiB, 804 iops, 201.1 MiB/s

dd: sequential write speed
1st run:    810.62 MiB/s
2nd run:    1144.41 MiB/s
3rd run:    1239.78 MiB/s
average:    1064.94 MiB/s

IPv4 speedtests
your IPv4:    x.x.x.x

Cachefly CDN:         82.72 MiB/s

vpsbench - A script to run simple and comprehensive benchmarks on CPU and IO performance.

$ bash <(wget --no-check-certificate -O -  

Benching I/O ... OK
Benching CPU. Bzipping 25MB file ... OK
Benching inbound network. Downloading 100MB file ... OK
Share at
CPU model:  Common KVM processor
Number of cores: 6
CPU frequency:  2399.998 MHz
Total amount of RAM: 3011 MB
Total amount of swap:  MB
System uptime:   11 days, 2:04,       
I/O speed:  910 MB/s
Bzip 25MB: 4.22s
Download 100MB file: 107MB/s

VPS Benchmark - Benchmark disk, cpu and network.

$ wget -O - -o /dev/null | bash
|__)    _  | _  _     _  _|_ 
|__)|_|_)\/|(_)(_).  | )(-|_ 
     /     _/              
----------------------------- V0.1
This is a early version with learning purpose... check the TODO
Some logs here: ftp_busy.log
Check what we have installed here...
openssl......installed (YES)
wget.........installed (YES)
ftp..........not installed (NO)
ioping.......installed (YES)
hdparm.......installed (YES)
Network upload test....
not performed tests.... test needs ftp and wget installed
Test openSSL speeds (openssl signatures speed)....
Doing 512 bit private rsa's for 10s: 160961 512 bit private RSA's in 10.00s
Doing 512 bit public rsa's for 10s: 2403890 512 bit public RSA's in 10.00s
Doing 1024 bit private rsa's for 10s: 59315 1024 bit private RSA's in 10.00s
Doing 1024 bit public rsa's for 10s: 902191 1024 bit public RSA's in 10.00s
Doing 2048 bit private rsa's for 10s: 7758 2048 bit private RSA's in 10.00s
OpenSSL 1.1.0f  25 May 2017
built on: reproducible build, date unspecified
options:bn(64,64) rc4(8x,char) des(int) aes(partial) blowfish(ptr) 
              sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
rsa  512 bits 0.000062s 0.000004s  16096.1 240389.0
rsa 1024 bits 0.000169s 0.000011s   5931.5  90219.1
rsa 2048 bits 0.001289s 0.000035s    775.8  28701.2
Disk seek rate test (ioping)....

--- . (ext4 /dev/sda1) ioping statistics ---
14.9 k requests completed in 2.96 s, 58.4 MiB read, 5.06 k iops, 19.8 MiB/s
generated 15.0 k requests in 3.00 s, 58.4 MiB, 4.98 k iops, 19.5 MiB/s
min/avg/max/mdev = 61.9 us / 197.8 us / 5.88 ms / 97.4 us
Direct (not cached) disk reads (hdparm)....
Test disk /dev/sda1

Timing O_DIRECT disk reads: 3624 MB in  3.00 seconds = 1207.86 MB/sec

Linux Bench - Linux-Bench is a sscript that runs hardinfo, Unixbench 5.1.3, c-ray 1.1, STREAM, OpenSSL, sysbench (CPU), crafty, redis, NPB, NAMD, and 7-zip benchmarks.

$ wget && chmod +x && ./

bench-sh-2 - System Info + Speedtest IPv4 + Drive Speed.

$ wget && chmod +x && ./ - Auto install unixbench and test script. (

wget --no-check-certificate
chmod +x

Test sever used for all tests = StackLinux Mini VPS

Bench Command line Apps

UnixBench - UnixBench is the original BYTE UNIX benchmark suite, updated and revised by many people over the years.

fio - Flexible I/O Tester

sysbench - Scriptable database and system performance benchmark

HDparm - get/set ATA/SATA drive parameters under Linux

Bonnie - Bonnie is a benchmark which measures the performance of Unix file system operations. Bonnie is concerned with identifying bottlenecks.

S - Small collection of programs to measure storage I/O performance.

Phoronix Test Suite - The Phoronix Test Suite open-source, cross-platform automated testing/benchmarking software.

Geekbench 4 - This tool allows you to use Geekbench 4 from a command prompt and automate it with shell scripts or batch files.

Vdbench - Vdbench is a command line utility specifically created to help engineers and customers generate disk I/O workloads to be used for validating storage performance and storage data integrity.

IOzone - is a filesystem benchmark tool. The benchmark generates and measures a variety of file operations.

Iomter - Iometer is an I/O subsystem measurement and characterization tool for single and clustered systems.

Interbench - Linux Interactivity Benchmark

Use at your own risk! Always verify before running. If you find any broken scripts or issues please notifiy me.


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