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mwotton commented Jan 5, 2011

nice to see a semi-actively-maintained quickcheck-alike in ruby again, even if it is explicitly impure:)


hayeah commented Jan 10, 2011

hey mark, i fixed the doc to reflect some of the helpers you can use:

Rantly { integer } # => 10
Rantly(3) { integer } # => [301,4109401,12399] # or whatever


mwotton commented Jan 10, 2011

Terrific, that looks much better.
I still need to work out how to write a generator that makes arbitrary hashes, but that can wait for another day. Thanks!


hayeah commented Jan 10, 2011

Rantly { dict { [string,integer] }}
"-Mp '."=>653206579583741142,
"= :/,"=>433790301059833691}

it can be implemented with a one-liner

def dict(n,&block)
array(n,&block).inject({}) {|h,(k,v)| h[k] = v; h }

But that doesn't check for uniqueness of key. So I did another version that uses guard to retry if the generated key had been used.


mwotton commented Jan 11, 2011

hah, lovely. thank you.

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