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This is a small collection of Python scripts which transforms the contents of .bib files into the structured at the base of this repository.


Built copies of the are released as Public Domain. This software is released under an MIT License. A copy of the MIT License is included in this directory.

Building the README

If you are using conda to manage Python environments, you might create a new environment for this repository.

$ conda create -n awesome python=3.7
$ conda activate awesome
$ pip install -r src/requirements.txt

The easiest way to build a new copy of the README is then to use make:

$ make clean
$ make

Hacking on awesome-bib-builder

The contents of this directory determine how papers are listed and formatted. Bug reporting or quality-of-life enhancements that make papers easier to search or display are appreciated.

Relevant Documentation

Code Style

Code style: black

There are a couple extra dependencies beyond those required for building copies of the README. Mostly these are included to enforce consistent code style:

$ pip install -r src/requirements-develop.txt

Once these are installed, running make style will format the src/ directory.

$ make style

Future Goals

  • Testing
    • Unit Tests for functions in
    • Functional Tests for common problems (e.g. format errors in .bib files)
  • Package
    • Is this package project-specific, or would it be useful to generalize and move it elsewhere?


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