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nuMoM2b Preprocessing — Precision Health Initiative (φ)

A module for creating reproducible partitions of the nuMoM2b data set based on configuration files.

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Getting Started

Data should not be stored here.

Familiarity with Python, UNIX systems, and Git would be helpful.

Getting Organized

The running assumption is that Data/ contains the .csv files representing the data set, and this nuMoM2b_preprocessing/ repository contains the code and documentation.

Each might be stored as follows (though this may be tweaked through config files):

├── Data/
│   ├── pregnancy_outcomes.csv
│   ├── Screening.csv
│   └── Visit1.csv
└── nuMoM2b_preprocessing/

Getting Running

Clone the repository from GitHub:

git clone

If you're using Anaconda, this would be a good time to create an environment:

conda create -n PHI python=3.7

... and install dependencies.

pip install -r phi/requirements.txt

Using nuMoM2b_preprocessing

  • As a Package

    Installing using the setup script adds a numom2b_preprocessing package.

    python install

    ... which can then be imported

    import numom2b_preprocessing
    _params = numom2b_preprocessing.parameters(config="phi_config.json")
  • As a Commandline (CLI) Tool

    Installing using adds an entry point to your default bin/ directory.

    python install

    This adds a numom2b_preprocessing tool which can be invoked as follows:

    numom2b_preprocessing --help
  • As a Submodule

    nuMoM2b_preprocessing acts as the first step in building classification pipelines. To incorporate it in later learning steps, it may be useful to have access to the methods as a submodule. For general documentation on using submodules, refer to the Git Manual.

    git submodule add

    The modules in the package can then be accessed as normal.

    import nuMoM2b_preprocessing.numom2b_preprocessing
    _params = numom2b_preprocessing.parameters(config="phi_config.json")

nuMoM2b_preprocessing Documentation

Documentation is not currently hosted at, but local copies may be built using Sphinx.

A separate requirements file is in the documentation/ directory.

pip install -r documentation/requirements.txt

A make.bat and Makefile are included:

cd documentation
make html

If the build is successful, a copy will reside in a new build/html/ directory.

open build/html/index.html          # (macOS)
xdg-open build/html/index.html      # (Linux — "should" open with default browser)


φ Preprocessing scripts to create reproducible partitions of the nuMoM2b data set. Part of the Indiana University Precision Health Initiative.