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Categorical Screening Questions

This config files extracts results of screening questions asked during the screening interview. Most of these are the sort of questions which would be asked in a clinical setting, but also might be filled in by a patient.

"csv_path" and "" may need to be adjusted depending on file locations on your specific machine.

  "comments": [
    "Screening questions asked during visit 1.",
    "These are primarily yes/no questions.",
  "log_file": "nuMoM2b_screening_questions.log",
  "csv_path": "~/Desktop/PrecisionHealth/Data/numom_data/",
  "target": {
    "name": "Ancillary/Pregnancy_outcomes.csv",
    "variables": ["PublicID", "oDM"]
  "files": [
      "name": "Screening_Admin_Visits/Visit1.csv",
      "variables": [
        "PublicID", "V1AD03", "V1AD05", "V1AD17", "V1AD18", "V1AF01",
        "V1AF03", "V1AF03a1", "V1AF03a2", "V1AF03a3", "V1AF03a4",
        "V1AF03b", "V1AF03c", "V1AF04", "V1AF14", "V1AG01", "V1AG02",
        "V1AG03", "V1AI01"
  "groupings": []
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