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Updated the example log file to include event logging

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1 parent 3c2afab commit 1aaf2159a8f58b2bf0c0fa0c815b017c5a7eb36f Hayes Davis committed Jan 29, 2011
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11 examples/flamingo.yml
@@ -11,6 +11,17 @@ stream: filter
dest: /tmp/flamingo.log
level: DEBUG
+# Event logging (optional)
+# Allows you to log the raw JSON of stream events to a set of rotating files
+# stored in the directory you specify. Size is the maximum number of events
+# that will be written to a log file before it is rotated. If size is omitted
+# no rotation will be done. If you expect a high volume stream, set this number
+# to something relatively large or you will end up with lots of small log files.
+# 10000-100000 is probably a good place to start.
+ event:
+ dir: /tmp/flamingo_events
+ size: 100000
# Where is the redis server the flamingod processes should connect to?
# By default, all keys are namespaced wih "flamingo". May be changed

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