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Please Visit

This project is now deployed at My Marathon Buddy!

What is this?

Some runners (okay, me) struggle towards the end of a long run. At that point, the game is mostly mental. You need to keep your motivation up to finish your miles, but it can be difficult.

So I built a small app to help make it better (and to try out a new tool).

First you enter your phone number in the "Get a Compliment" section of my site. When you hit submit, you will get a friendly text from me.

Now you have the Twilio number associated with My Marathon Buddy! If you ever need a pick me up while out on a race you can send a text to that number and it will send you an encouraging message.

Before you leave the site, please contribute to the collection of encouraging messages. You will find the form on the homepage.

Other Features that are Probably Less Interesting to People Who are Not Me.

There is a list of my past race events and future race events. Events automatically move over to past once they are complete. Eventually I want to be able to click on the events and be taken to a "race report". It is kind of like a diary.

Additionally, I can send updates with my phone on my current training status. These automatically appear on the website homepage. This feature is available only to my phone number.

Thank You

Thanks for stopping by! If you are curious about my writing or speaking work, feel free to visit my personal website.