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from __future__ import absolute_import
from os.path import realpath
from .proxy import createReadOnlyObject
from errno import EACCES
def _safe_open(open_whitelist):
open_file = open
# Python3 has extra options like encoding and newline
def safe_open(filename, mode='r', buffering=-1, **kw):
"""A secure file reader."""
if type(mode) is not str:
raise TypeError("mode have to be a string, not %s" % type(mode).__name__)
if mode not in ['r', 'rb', 'rU']:
raise ValueError("Only read modes are allowed.")
realname = realpath(filename)
if not any(realname.startswith(path) for path in open_whitelist):
raise IOError(EACCES, "Sandbox deny access to the file %s" % repr(filename))
fileobj = open_file(filename, mode, buffering, **kw)
return createReadOnlyObject(fileobj)
return safe_open
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