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add the possibility of showing the stacktrace when an exeption in raise in the sandboxed code #14

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the use is as follow

def f():
from sandbox import Sandbox, SandboxConfig,SandboxError
sandbox = Sandbox(SandboxConfig('stderr',use_subprocess=True))
    result =
except SandboxError as e:
    if hasattr(e,'stacktrace'):
        print (e.stacktrace)

moreover the modifications remove a security issue as the Exception was previously pickled and could be execute untrested code when unpickled

Xavier Combelle show stacktrace 1bbc63e
haypo commented Dec 17, 2013

I now consider the pysandbox project is broken by design, so I'm not going to modify it anymore, sorry.

@haypo haypo closed this Dec 17, 2013
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