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phpExec 1.4

Write your php code in browser and see the result instantly. This package ships with a simple command line tool uitilizing php built-in web server.

  • Override php.ini variables by editing config file.
  • Include your own classes and php files
  • Execute any php code without limitation of online php compilers.
  • Save your codes as snippets for future execution.
  • Manage Snippets

Installation is easy. clone this repo and run composer install to download dependencies.

Image of Yaktocat

The symfony var_dumper is loaded with the project. feel free to use it within your code for a happier life.

Install Additional Composer Packages

You can pull in any composer package. The package will be accessible in the editor automatically. There is no need for including autoload.php file.


Only use this on restricted access sites or local environment. If access to this script is exposed to unauthorized users they may execute code that compromise your security.

phpExec Official Page.

Stuff used to make this:

  • Bootstrap 3
  • Ace Editor
  • jQuery
  • Symfony Console Component
  • VueJS