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A simple distributed sportsbook example, to demonstrate Hazlecast IMDG and Apache Spark, by showing how an example based on Java 8 collections can be generalized and scaled up to multiple JVMs.

The package structure is very straightforward:

  • com.betleopard - general factory and serialization classes.

  • com.betleopard.domain - domain types for describing the betting functionality

  • com.betleopard.hazelcast - the main driver classes for the Hazelcast and Spark examples

  • com.betleopard.simple - a good starting point for the project. Contains implementations based only on Java 8

To generate the docs

Documentation is included in the distribution, but to regenerate the docs, do the following. From the src/main/java directory, run this:

javadoc -D ../../../doc -subpackages com.betleopard com.betleopard