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* change MC licenseKeySecret to licenseKeySecretName

* change HotBackup secret to secretName

* Update test/e2e/helpers_test.go

Co-authored-by: Semih Buyukgungor <>

* Update test/e2e/config/managementcenter/config.go

Co-authored-by: Semih Buyukgungor <>

* formating clean up

* fix validation error message


Co-authored-by: Semih Buyukgungor <>
Signed-off-by: devOpsHelm <>

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Hazelcast Helm Charts

Artifact HUB

This is a repository for Hazelcast Helm Charts. For more information about installing and using Helm, see its To get a quick introduction to Charts see this chart document.

See corresponding page from below for each chart for step-by-step installation:

Quick Start with Hazelcast Platform Operator

$ helm repo add hazelcast
$ helm repo update
$ helm install operator hazelcast/hazelcast-platform-operator --set installCRDs=true

The documentation for the Hazelcast Platform Operator can be found here.

How to find us?

In case of any question or issue, please raise a GH issue, send an email to Hazelcast Google Groups or contact as directly via Hazelcast Slack.