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Table of Contents

Hazelcast CLI

Hazelcast CLI is a Hazelcast management tool, a command line interface to install, configure, and upgrade Hazelcast on the local machine or cloud on any operating system.

Installing Hazelcast CLI

Run the following command to install Hazelcast CLI:

brew install


You need to create a properties file in your home to define the host machines to run Hazelcast. Name the file as and provide your host username, host IP and port in this file. Please see the below properties file content as an example:


SSH configuration

Your public key has to be configured on the target machine.


Installing Hazelcast:

hazelcast --install --hostname europe1 --version 3.4.1

Starting a Hazelcast Member:

hazelcast --start --hostname europe1 --clustername wildcats --nodename tiger

Stopping a Hazelcast Member:

hazelcast --stop --hostname europe1 --clustername wildcats --nodename tiger

Starting Hazelcast Management Center:

hazelcast --startMC --hostname europe1

Rolling Upgrade Hazelcast Management Center:

hazelcast --upgrade --clustername wildcats --version 3.4.2

To Do

  • More operating system support: apt-get, exe, Android.
  • Starting Hazelcast bundled Tomcat.