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@ihsandemir ihsandemir released this Dec 14, 2018 · 241 commits to master since this release

This document includes the new features, enhancements, and fixed issues for Hazelcast C++ Client 3.11 release.

New features

  • Replicated Map: Hazelcast Replicated Map is a distributed key-value data structure where the data is replicated to all members in the cluster. It provides full replication of entries to all members for high speed access. See the Using Replicated Map section for details. Examples can be found here.

  • Client Statistics: You can now monitor C++ client statistics including Near Cache metrics on the Hazelcast Management Center console. See the Enabling Client Statistics section for details. Examples can be found here.

  • Logger Configuration: Introduced new logger capabilities such as redirecting the client logs to a file and filtering certain log levels, and integrated the easylogging++ library. You can configure a custom logger using the ClientConfig::getLoggerConfig()::setConfigurationFileName("logger config file path"); method, See the Logging Configuration section for details. Examples can be found here.


  • Introduced external Boost and ASIO library support for using with Conan package manager. [#474]
  • Added the proxy creation support for the client's getMap() method. [#54]


Some of the major bug fixes for this release are listed below. You can find the full list of closed issues and closed PRs at the repo with the 3.11 milestone.

  • Fixed an issue where large value sized IMap.set performance was decreasing without the suitable socket options setting - send/receive buffer sizes. [#465]

  • Fixed an issue in 3.10.1 where there was a leak in the client memory (thread allocation). [#455]

  • Fixed an issue where the client was trying to connect to the cluster and got a context:asio.ssl error. Introduced SSL FIPS compliance for auto-discovery on AWS for this. [#337]

  • Fixed an error in asio while compiling it with SSL enabled. [#284]

Known Issues

There are no known issues for this release.

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